Compactor VC-Serie


With our Compactor you make tight packages and lighten environmental issues.

Unlike our separators, our compactors were constructed specifically for the processing of cans, tins, tubes and robust plastic packaging. They are compressed by high-performance compactors under high pressure so that contents and packaging materials are separated quickly and efficiently. In turn, the content can be returned as an organic substrate into the natural cycle while the compact packaging portion can be recycled accordingly.

Soft and liquid foods are pressed out of the packaging.

The packing material is pressed into a disc.

The feeding mechanism enables singel packages or whole batches and pallets to be processed.

Compactors compare models

Compactors, make stubborn packaging smaller.



Cycle per minute

Connection values hydraulic aggregates

Weight hydraulic aggregates

Screen diameter

Inlet opening dimensions

Outlet opening dimensions substrate


Up to 4,5 m³ / h


10 kW

800 kg

303 mm

400 mm

DN 100


Up to 6 m³ / h


20 kW

1.000 kg

303 mm

400 mm

DN 100


Up to 7,5 m³ / h


30 kW


303 mm

400 mm

DN 100

Circular economy thanks Compactors - Technology

We strive to promote a closed and sustainable circular economy, especially in the context of compactors. The cost-effective conversion of packaged organic waste such as cans, cans, tubes and robust plastic packaging into high-quality raw materials is possible thanks to our state-of-the-art technology.

With our Compactor you make tight packages and lighten environmental issues. The compact compactor has been specifically designed to effectively process these types of packaging. We can convert the unpacked organic waste into a clean bio-substrate that can be used for a variety of purposes using our innovative solution. This bio substrate is used in agriculture to produce biogas or to produce high quality compost.

At the same time, the packaging is collected separately by our compactor and can be used for recycling or disposal. With this knowledge, you can reduce waste, use natural resources efficiently and actively contribute to protecting the environment. With our innovative approach, you can lay the foundation for a resource-efficient and sustainable future. Our strategy promotes an environmentally friendly circular economy and supports the efficient use of organic waste.