Separator from Biogreenline

Separators: VS-Series

Our Separators technology at a glance

With their vertical construction the new VS series’ separators are designed for separating large quantities of packaging and foodstuffs. They open and shred the packaging without generating any harmful microplastics. What remains as an end product is clean with a > 99% degree of purity. This enables en economical and sustainable return of raw materials to the natural cycle.

A powerful electric motor provides a throughput of up to 24m³ per hour. 


Packging is torn up by rotating paddels. Heavier organic contents are separated from the lighter packaging by centrifugal and gravitational force.

What remains in the end is > 99% pure bio substrate with a controllable water content for optimal use in biogas plants

Separators compare models a glance

Separation-technology patented without compromise



Screen diameter



Rotation speed

Connection values



Up to 10 m³ / h

480 mm

2.700 mm

1.500 kg

900 – 1450 rpm

22 – 55 kW

6 – 20 mm


Up to 15 m³ / h

680 mm

3.300 mm

1.850 kg

900 – 1450 rpm

22 – 55 kW

6 – 20 mm


Up to 24 m³ / h

880 mm

3.900 mm

3.000 kg

900 – 1450 rpm

22 – 55 kW

6 – 20 mm

Circulare economy thanks Separators - technology

What will happen to the unpacked organic waste and packaging? A closed and sustainable circular economy is our goal. Our state-of-the-art technology converts the unpacked organic waste into high-quality raw materials at low cost.
The clean bio-substrate can be used for a variety of purposes, for example in agriculture, which uses it to produce biogas or to produce high-quality compost. The packaging is also separated and can be used for recycling or disposal.
In this way you contribute to protecting the environment, reduce waste and continue to use natural resources. Become a key building block with our progressive solution scale, for a resource-efficient and sustainable future.With our approach you support the effective use of organic waste and the promotion of an environmentally friendly circular economy.