Fish and vegetable shredder made to measure

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High-Tech in today's shredder for Fisch- and Vegegetables waste

Everyday, there are several million tons of waste generated globally in fish and vegetable production that we help to recycle.

These valuable leftovers can be used as animal food – or, even more sustainably, can be fed to a Biogas plant to produce green electricity and heating and eventually become a high value fertilizer. 

Results from the laboratory show that the one metric ton of fish production waste has a fuel value of up to 1600 kWh.

Schredder für Gemüse und Fischabfälle

Your needs at the heart of our shredders

In today’s world, where maximum efficiency is required in every production, a reliable and easy-to-maintain shredder is important. But not all shredders focus on these values. The stainless-steel heart of this shredder not only ensures easy cleaning, but also better hygiene. With its durable finish and reliable performance, it will exceed your expectations.

The Fish Shredder in Action

The shredder processes both small and large fish effortlessly with its uniquely robust blades.

Shredders with maximum capacity for fish and vegetable waste

Tailor-made Swiss Quality for Professionales

shredder made to measure

After more than ten successful years serving the largest fish speciality producer in Switzerland, an upgrade is due. Our current system will be replaced by the latest generation. This will enable us to continue supporting our customers in their sustainable and efficient production for the next ten years. Thanks to a tooth shape specially optimised for robust fish waste, our shredders process the production residues – even tough fish skins – quickly and trouble-free.